Personnel Changes

Natalie Claire, born 7/9/12.

Transport Nexus is an urban planning and policy blog based on the nexus of transportation and land use, but as you know, we cover urban issues throughout the planning and policy world from the Olympic Games to parking capacity. My own experience in the field informs this blog. And that experience is further informed by my academic and personal background.

A bit about that last part…

You may have noticed posts have been slow. One reason: the birth of my daughter, Natalie Claire on July 9. She is my second daughter; my first, Andrea is 2. Becoming a father again is an astounding moment, with few, if any parallels in life. As the blog is concerned, I’d like to further explore the decision my wife and I made to raise children in the city, as we’re on the northwest side of Chicago. What are the benefits, from a planning perspective, of children in the city? Does the freedom of movement, inherent in the urban form and public transportation options enhance the quality of my daughters’ lives? I believe so, and I hope to show you why. But for now, blogging will be light as I spend time with all of my girls.

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