1. Cheryl Therrien says

    It is so amazing the leaps and bounds we have made in technology that we can build these enormous buildings over subway lines. This was an interesting video.

    • says

      Thanks for responding, I’m continually fascinated my man’s ability to construct ever complex solutions to solve incredible problems. This case, in Manhattan, involves one of the last pieces of under-utilized real estate available and someone was able to figure out how to develop it without disturbing the hundred or so daily trains below. Incredible!

  2. Kelly Wade says

    Wow, thats pretty amazing. I’m originally from Boston where the Big Dig has been going on for several (too many) years now and its mind blowing to me how people come up with these plans to build such incredibly advanced structures. This was a really cool video thanks for sharing it.

    • says

      I’ve never been to Boston to see the Big Dig, but as a practicing transportation planner, I feel like I know a lot about it. I am amazed at the complex infrastructure they built as part of the Big Dig and how moving everything underground has made Boston so much nicer.

  3. Susan Cooper says

    What a wonderfully interesting video. It is great that people can continue to succeed and our society can grow within these constraints. :-)

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